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Given the rapid spread of infection and patients not getting access to basic healthcare services, we are focussing at mobilising resources, medical equipment, oxygen concentrators, ventilators etc. to increase the capacity utilisation of government hospitals.

We are setting up affordable, scalable, plug and play ‘Box Hospitals’ or COVID care facilities. These Box Hospitals would be equipped with a cost-effective alternative such as laminated corrugated cardboard beds, medicine boxes and separators, designed and manufactured by a team of experts at Anant National University. These beds are sturdy, waterproof, quick to develop and can be disinfected. The cardboard separators allow patients isolation and dignity in large halls. Further the Box Hospitals provide oxygen concentrators, oximeters, ventilators, IV stands, and other medical apparatus as per need. Each Box Hospital is made within existing vacant buildings. The Box Hospitals are then handed over to local governments to operate.

In this way we help the existing government hospitals by increasing the capacity utilisation by providing furniture, IV Stands, separators, medicine boxes and oxygen concentrators at a zero profit basis.

Since May 2020, our coalition of partners led by Sustain Labs have made 13 COVID care centres and hospitals across 5 states in India.



Affordable and scalable plug-and-play model for COVID-19 quarantine centres to benefit the country on a large scale.

Box Hospitals - treatment centres in a box

Looking at the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in India and the declining recovery rate, there is an urgent need for temporary recovery facilities with ICUs to boost the current capacity of hospitals. Anant National University, Ahmedabad in collaboration with Sustain Labs Paris has managed to deploy design thinking and devise a solution to the challenge of shortage of space to treat or isolate the rising number of COVID-19 patients. Box Hospital proposes a solution to rapidly scale up COVID-19 recovery facilities by utilising existing hard infrastructures and refurbishing them to provide COVID-19 recovery facilities with 10 percent ICU beds. The facility would cater to all categories of COVID-19 patients – from moderate to severe symptoms of coronavirus.

Box Hospitals prioritises the conversion of halls as ventilators; as oxygen and monitoring systems for ICUs are easier to set up here. Government-owned halls and residential buildings will be relatively straightforward to acquire for this purpose. Some of these halls can continue to be COVID-19 recovery facilities for as long as the pandemic exists, while others can be dismantled once the curve ebbs. The implementation plan propounds a structured PPP model that aims to incentivise private builders to give their commercial and residential buildings.

Parliamentarians with Innovators for India (PII) in association with iBihar are setting up affordable, scalable, plug and play ‘Box Hospital’ in different districts of Bihar that would serve as Covid recovery centres (Triage system).



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